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Slender Wrap & Express Weight Loss

About Slender Wrap

We cater to the needs of both women and men to help them achieve a more vibrant and healthier lifestyle. Slender Spa is an exclusive provider of The Body Wrap system. For more than 38 years over 11 million wraps have been successfully delivered in hundreds of salons in 19 countries.

These are the body wraps that you are hearing about in over 8,000 National and Local TV and radio shows, and reading about in newspapers and magazines, and successfully promoted or used by celebrities including Rachael Ray, Robin McGraw, Ellen Degeneres, Montel Williams and The Ladies of The View.

These body wraps are for anyone, regardless of age or gender, who would like to improve their appearance without costly/risky surgery, excessive exercise and heavy dieting. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and nurturing environment where you can de-stress in a safe and chemical free manner. We have created a soothing and healthful atmosphere to help our clients counteract the destructive effects of our impure environment, stress and anxiety of everyday life.

We have a complete beauty and weight loss facility ranging from Suddenly Slender Body Wraps through Lipo Therme And Vaser Lipo suction procedures by Dr. David Drucker MD FACOG. Our staff includes esteticians, fitness trainers, massage therapists and more

List of Treatments offered at Slender Wrap & Express Weight Loss

  • Lipo Therme
  • Radiesse
  • Restylane-L
  • Perlane-L
  • Dysport
  • Lipo Laser BCS 2000
  • Suddenly Slender Body Wraps
  • HCG Injections for Weight Loss
  • PCA Skincare Venuse Freeze

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About Venus Treatments

Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy treatments are non-invasive treatments that combines Radio Frequency (RF) and Magnetic Pulses into a technology called (MP)². This unique combination has the ability to access deeply, comfortably, and safely into the skin in order to achieve optimum results

Venus treatments are effective in circumference reduction, improving cellulite, skin tightening and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Our Promise is to provide you with a safe, pleasant, pain-free experience in treatments for the body and face parts including arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck and face.

Venus Treatments on TV!

Patients worldwide love Venus treatments because they are effective, painless and safe. Once you experience them — and see the results — you’ll love them, too.

Venus treatments are reshaping the Beauty and Health industry and they are the latest treatments to hit Hollywood’s Superstars and celebrities worldwide.

Don’t take our word for it. Watch what other people are saying about Venus treatments. Click here for TV clips and here for Patient Video Testimonials. is a directory of Clinics, Practitioners, Medi-Spas, Doctors and Physicians who are certified to provide Venus treatments in North America and around the world.

If you are a physician looking to add Venus Freeze or Venus Legacy to your practice, please call us at (888) 907-0115 or visit our corporate website at:

Venus Freeze & Venus Legacy are Authorized by the FDA for Facial Wrinkles and Rhytides.

Venus Freeze & Venus Legacy are Licensed by Health Canada for non-invasive treatment of temporary cellulite and temporary skin tightening.*